Digital Plans for DIY Projects, Shop Improvements, and Tools

Below is a collection of CALCULATORS we have found useful in our shop. They have been designed and built for use in the office when doing design or quoting, or in the shop on your mobile device.  The results are easy to e-mail and pre-formatted for Excel.

Measurement Over Pins

An essential calculator for designing and testing gears - is the tooth thickness correct for a good mesh?

Gear Blank Dimension Calculator

Calculate the Outside Diameter for turning the correct size gear blank

Viscosity Index Calculator

Determine the Viscosity Index of your oil

Pitch Plate - Gear Workholding

Securely hold a gear on its pitch line with three pins

Gear Ratio Calculator

Calculate the gear ratio for your gearbox - allows for up to 8 gears and multiple gears on the same shaft

Your source for information about machine oils, lubricants, and lubrication for your machine shop and industrial maintenance.

Gear Span Calculator

Measure and check your gear by measuring over a fixed number of teeth, not across the entire gear. No pins required!

Center Distance Calculator

Know how far apart two gears should be, helpful for positioning shafts and adding backlash

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