3D Gear Generator | .STL file export for 3D Printing Gears

STL Gear Generator: Design and export 3D .STL files for 3D printing and modeling

This 3D spur gear generator brings a whole new dimension to spur gear design, visualization, and configuration. Our 3D spur gear generator helps you make custom 3D gears and export the .STL file for use in 3D printers and importing into CAD/CAM packages. And .SVG and .DXF export remains available too!

This generator also allows for keyways to help connect the gear to its shaft. While any size (up to the shaft diameter) works, we'd recommend using standard keyways where possible

Designing Accurate 3D Gears: Tooth Count, Module, Pressure Angle, Height, and more!

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How do you make a 3D gear?

Our 3D gear creator makes it as easy as possible to design and make a 3D gear. Simply change the inputs to set the number of teeth, pressure angle, and module (overall size) and our gear generator will render a set of gears perfectly in mesh. After rendering your set of gears, you can download .DXF, .SVG, and .STL files for your to make your real-life gear through your preferred method. 3D printing gears, laser-cutting gears, waterjet gears, CNC milled/routed gears, and many more are all possible depending on the file type and your equipment

The key inputs for designing a gear are its number of teeth, pressure angle (20º for metric, 14.5º for English), and module (higher is bigger). Profile shift and clearance make small adjustments to the shape of each tooth to accomodate gear spacing and backlash. Finally, the overall height, center hole dimensions, and keyway, relate to the final physical gear and how it runs on a shaft. From this you can design accurate 3D gears and their features; we go into more depth in our dimensions calculator

How do you make a 3D printed gear?

The first step to creating a 3D printed gear is to have the right .STL file. After using our 3D gear generator to create an accurate model of a gear, you can begin downloading files. You can download free .DXF and .SVG files, and by subscribing to our Patreon, you'll receive a code to unlock downloading the .STL files for your gear

With the .STL file, you can print your gear just like any other model. Many of the specific settings (infill %, layer height, temperatures, etc.) will depend on your machine and the application of the gear (high RPM, high load, etc.) In general, we'd recommend enough shell/wall layers so the entire tooth is filled

Our Suite of Gear Calculators

Our 3D gear generator is just one in our broader collection of gear calculators, which support the design process from idea, to dimension, to generation, to inspection