Helical Gears in a gearbox
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We've shared our in-house tools for making gears in 2D & 3D, and inspecting finished gears with standard tools

Learn the Process
Gears for Makers

Our quarterly course covers everything you need to get started making gears and using them in your projects. Gear Hobbing, Shaping, Milling and more ...

Gear Manufacturing

Medium and Fine Pitch Gears made to your plan tolerances. Spur, Worm, Ratchet, Sprocket, Helical and other non-involute forms.

Gear Manufacturing & Inspection

Hobbing & Generating

We use the hobbing process for commercial quality gears found in machine tools and power transmission, up to higher quality gears for advanced applications. The upper range of spur gear sizes is up to 10" and up to a medium pitch of 12DP.  

We hob smaller "instrument" sized gears and pitches to 200DP, found in the aerospace and dental industry.

Large tooth count gears over 300, to pinion gears with only 6 teeth.  

Spur, Worm, Ratchet, Sprocket, Helical and Non-Involute Forms

Our bevel gears are made with the generating process and can range up to 4.5" pitch diameter at 16DP


Plans can be specified in many ways from the practical Measurement over Pins (MOP) & Measurement over Wires(MOW) methods, all the way up to the most modern AGMA Standard.

We can measure using tolerances from current and historical AGMA Standards.

AGMA Quality tolerances can be measured in our Microgear system and deliver reports. We use NIST calibrated measuring instruments on our shop floor and throughout our inspection process. 


Hobbing a gear on a Pfauter gear hobber, with coolant oil

Calculate and Manufacture in Your Shop


We've shared our in-house tools to help you design, inspect, and make your own gears. From our gear calculators to 3D gear generators these tools will make gear production easier and more understandable. Change Gear Calculator and other indexing machine setup tools and services.

Short Courses

Gears for Makers, a comprehensive one-day course to cover the history, math, and techniques to get you making gears in your own shop. The course is located in our Ventura California shop where we will split our time between design, calculating and measuring, and half our time to machining hobbing or shaping gears.

2024 Schedule
January 6, 2024 Grinding Gear Cutting Tools
March 16, 2024 Worms and Wormgears
October 12 – Gearbox Essentials
Settin up to Mill a gear