Evolvent Design

Gear and Transmission
Design and Manufacture

ISO9001:2015 Certified

Tools for designing gears in 2D & 3D  

Standard dimensions and strengths

Gear Milling, Hobbing, Shaping, 3D Printing

  Gear milling, hobbing, generating and shaping.

Manual and CNC equipment to deliver gearboxes, shafts, couplers and complete mechanisms.

Gear Inspection

Measurement over Pins for spur, helical and rack gears.

AGMA tolerances using Vari-Roll and inspection software

Gear Manufacturing & Inspection

Milling, Hobbing and other processes

We use the hobbing, milling, generating and 3D Printing processes for commercial quality gears found in machine tools and power transmission, up to higher quality gears for advanced applications. Gear types include Spur, Helical, Worm, Wormwheel, Ratchet, Sprocket, Spline and Non-Involute Forms.


Measurement over Pins (MOP) or Measurement over Wires(MOW) methods, Dual Flank testing with Vari-Roll, Span, and other methods.

AGMA Quality Standards

Tolerances can be measured in our Microgear system and deliver reports. We use NIST calibrated measuring instruments and maintain our membership with AGMA giving us access to the latest industry standards and gear technology.

Quality Shop

We maintain an ISO-9001:2015 certificate

Hobbing a gear on a Pfauter gear hobber, with coolant oil

Gear School
Design and Manufacture in Your Shop

We practice the Gear Art here. We have a unique set of both design skills and a shop floor of gear machines not commonly found together. If you want to speed up your gear knowledge this is the place to come. Compared to most mechanisms, gears pose a large learning curve. Get there faster.


We've shared our in-house tools to help you design, inspect, and make your own gears. From our gear calculators to 3D gear generators these tools will make gear production easier and more understandable. Change Gear Calculator and other indexing machine setup tools and services.

Short Courses

Gears for Makers, a comprehensive one-day course to cover the history, math, and techniques to get you making gears in your own shop. The course is located in our Ventura California shop where we will split our time between design, calculating and measuring, and half our time to machining hobbing or shaping gears.

Over the years we have helped many companies. Come and learn how to give your product motion. College Baja teams, startups, mature companies developing new products, the curious ones, mature companies getting their supply chain fixed, the reverse engineering of parts to keep old equipment running and the list goes on.

2024 Schedule
January 6, 2024 Grinding Gear Cutting Tools
March 15, 2024 Worms and Wormgears
October 12 – Gearbox Essentials

Change Gears
Machine Tools

Settin up to Mill a gear

Change Gears for Machine Tools

Simplify the process of determining change gears for any machine tool. The problem involves matching change gears to equal a calculated machine ratio. The change gears transmit a specific gear ratio between an input shaft and an output shaft. Standard and reverted gearboxes use 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. to do this. You can find the most common solutions for 4-gear double reduction gearboxes here. Find change gears for other machine tools. Pfauter, Niles, Lorenz, Maag, Jones & Lamson, Barber Coleman, Stanko, Mikron, Fellows, Almhults Bruk AB, Adams, Brown & Sharpe, and many others. Enter your available change gear assortment and desired ratio into GearCalculators.com . The output is a set of change gears that will deliver your desired ratio.

Double Reduction Gears Double Reduction Gears

For proper gear lubrication and crossover for older oils this is the place.