Gears for Makers 

Hands-on fundamentals of gear specifications,  processing and measurement

Course Fundamentals

This course will cover all of the essentials on how to make a gear: covering specifications, terminology, blanks, machining, and inspection.

As an introductory course, we'll start from the ground-level basics on how to calculate gear blank sizes, gear ratios, loading and operating Pfauter gear hobbers, and then measure and inspect our finished gears.  Tactics for other gear processing is also discussed: 3D-Printing, CNC Routers, Manual Mills, etc.  The knowledge is universal and will help your shop with this essential element of moving mechanisms.

1-Day Gears for Makers Class       HANDS ON!

-  Hands-on experience
-  Math, Calculators, Gear Inspection & online tools 
-  Certificate of completion

Cost:    $175
Location: Evolvent Design machine shop and design studio in Ventura, CA
Next Date:   August 20 or August 21
Lunch Included, 8AM-4PM
Limited capacity: Very few seats remain

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Real, Hands-On Machining

Get out of the classroom and actually operate the machines needed to make a gear.

Our shop, located in sunny Ventura, CA, has four Pfauter RS00 gear hobbers lined up and ready for training. We've had decades of experience making gears on these machines and by the end of this course, you can do the same. We use the Pfauter because they are quick allowing everyone to cut their own gear, measure it and see it in mesh.  You may have a different tool or method in your shop, but coupled with this experience and knowledge will enhance your gear game.  

You will measure  – and probably more importantly – be able to feel two gears in different meshing conditions.

Experience Transfer 

Whether your shop uses a 3D Printer, CNC Router, Laser Cutter, CNC Mill, or manual machines, the operating principles are the same. We'll cover the fundamentals of change gears, cutting feeds and speeds, and proper setups to ensure in-spec, concentric gears your customers will be happy to receive, and you will be proud to incorporate into your products.

Yes, we cover the math and demonstrate some of the more difficult problems that need to be solved.  But we also provide our calculators that solve these tedious math problems.  And YES, they are free.

Each participant will receive a reference packet, access to our suite of online tools, and certificate of completion.

From our Gear School Attendees

"[Andrew has] not just a wealth of knowledge about gears, but, just as importantly, the ability to teach it"
– John D.

"All in all this was an excellent class and if you get the opportunity you should make a point to attend" 
– Norm S.

"I learned just what I wanted to learn and could not have been
happier with the program"
– Patrick C.

Course Topics


   -    A very Brief History of Gears
   -   Terminology 
   -   The Involute
   -   Tools and Resources 

Making a Gear

Production Processes – Manual Machines 
   -   Gear blanks in the lathe
   -   Materials and metallurgy
   -   Broaching a keyway with an arbor press
   -   CNC Milling a gear with a dividing head
   -   Hobbing a gear with an Original Pfauter

Measurement & Inspection 

   -   Determining Pitch/Module with Gages
   -  Tooth Counts for gears in transmissions & Primes  
   -   Measurement over Pins / Wires
   -   Gages & Vari-Roll inspection

Gear Lubrication

   -   Finding and using gear lubricants  
   -   Comparisons of specifications across products and brands
   -   Modern equivalents for obsolete products

Two Gears in Mesh

   -   Calculating center distances
   -   Profile Shift Manufacturing Method
   -   Understanding corrected gears
   -   Backlash

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