Pitch Plate Calculator

We use pitch plates as workholding for spur gears, with three pins holding onto an external spur gear on its pitch diameter. Measurement over Pins will use two pins to tell you whether your gear is the right size, while this calculator uses three pins to accurately position your gear.

Whether you're holding a gear for additional machining operations, or as a gear Go-No Go gauge this calculator gives you the dimensions you need to make the tool in your shop. If your design aligns a gear tooth to another feature, this will get you aligned. Clock that tooth, or tooth space!

Equations conform to ANSI/AGMA 2002-D19 published in December 2019


The default Manufacturing Profile Shift Coefficient is 0. Positive values result in thicker teeth, as if your cutting tool did not cut to a full depth, while negative values result in thinner teeth.

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Cutting Tools You Need to Mill Gears

Using an involute gear cutter to mill a gear

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When designing gear systems or gears to be places on separate shafts, using a Center Distance Calculator can ensure the ideal distance between gears in order to provide proper meshing.

Here's a Quick Summary:

› Input your gear parameters

Calculate three tooth gaps equidistant from each other

› Use pins to hold your gear for inspection or further operations

If you're looking to quickly convert between module, diametral pitch, and circular pitch, our Diametral Pitch Calculator is an easy tool for finding these conversions.