Evolvent Design YouTube Videos

  • [Video] Vacuum Oil Removal & Recycle Tsugami (Part 2)

    Watch on YouTube Removing oil from your machine is easier than ever with correct methods and tools. Our Tsugami hydraulic oil sump has an unknown ...
  • [Video] OD/ID Grinder Restoration Tsugami (Part 1)

    We restore this beautiful Tsugami cylindrical grinder from 1952 back into working order. There can be many hurdles in a project like this and we will show you the tools, techniques to keep the project moving so you do not get stuck.
  • [Video] Jacobs 14N Super Chuck Rebuild

    Today we're rebuilding an "old-style" size 14N Jacobs Super Chuck, our favorite for its balance between overall size and capacity
  • [Video] Clock Dial made with an Ellis Dividing Head

    We used our Ellis Dividing Head to make a new clock for the shop! Given a simple dividing instrument, a drill press and some manual tools, you can achieve the same result
  • [Video] Jacobs Chuck Collection

    A prime example of toolholding from the early 1900s, the Jacobs Super Chuck is a staple in machine shops around the world
  • [Video] Ellis Dividing Head - How-to Use an Indexing or Dividing Head

    Precisely dividing a circle into multiple segments can be a challenge for the manual machine shop, but the Ellis Dividing Head makes quick work of it