[Video] OD/ID Grinder Restoration Tsugami (Part 1)

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We restore this beautiful Tsugami cylindrical grinder from 1952 back into working order. There can be many hurdles in a project like this and we will show you the tools, techniques to keep the project moving so you do not get stuck. Machines have been around a long time.

The Tsugami "Design Philosophy" will make you want one of your own. Rigidity was key and built into every component on the machine, mostly through the massive cast iron casting. The machine weighs over 6000 pounds and we hope to make it function, and not just as a boat anchor.

Usually older machines have some weakness or problem requiring attention. Tools, information, materials, and tech are easier and more available than ever to put a good old machine back in service. Breaking the machine systems down into parts helps.

It is a machine so this is important to get right so it will perform as you expect and deliver the result you require. Because of the design philosophy of Tsugami and our assessment of the machine, we think this machine can deliver tolerance and reliability. It also looks like it can be used for more than my lifetime making it a "Generational Machine". The basic building blocks of machinery can be found in this awesome book. 

Often the electrical systems in machines fails far in advance of the mechanical system. This has sent us to the drawing board(Other YouTube Vids) and calling electricians frequently. But there are better and safer systems than ever if the original system is not functional.

The Tsugami has a hydraulic system to actuate the table for the primary grinding operation. Sometimes sampling and analysis can help assess the equipment condition to set interval oil changes or understand problems. Hydraulic oils should be selected in the correct viscosity range for your machine. This site has some good information to help you make informed decisions about your oil along with some general pricing.
Tech article on Hydraulic oils

Or also more practically "air" systems exist to clean chips or spray coolant, but they are an aftermarket add-on. For our Tsugami, there is a Pneumatic ID grinder that will take some care and work to perform properly. We may also add a Kool-Mist system that requires air.

Lubrication System
Hydraulic oil, Way oil, Spindle Oil, and Grease all play a key roll in making the machine operate properly and last a very long time. This one is especially important to modernize for older machinery where Zerks have failed, passageways are plugged etc. Also get those sight glasses cleared up, replace your gaskets and fix you piping so the machine will not leak. RECYCYLE when you change the fluids.

Coolant System
When you modernize this is one of the first trick upgrades to improve cutting, no matter the type of machine. Sump pumps, circulating systems, chip control, filtration, managing tramp oil etch.

Those knobs may have marks every 0.001 or 0.005 inches or mm. But what about adding a digital readout with some common memory storage and machine location information. Take your shop from being able to create parts within 0.010 inches to 0.001 inches or maybe even 0.0001 inches with this fairly easy add-on.

The better you can see the part and machine the better you can perform your duties. If the machine did not come with lighting, there are a multitude of options here.

Tech Articles http://bit.ly/2LjzCCB http://bit.ly/3onfQon

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