[Video] Jacobs 14N Super Chuck Rebuild

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Today we're rebuilding an "old-style" size 14N Jacobs Super Chuck, our favorite for its balance between overall size and capacity. All the Super Chucks end in "N" and range in size from 8-1/2N to 20N, and have a similar rebuild procedure

As we break it down to individual parts, clean, and reassemble it, we share a special appreciation for Arthur Jacobs' timeless classic. Super Chucks feature a clever internal mechanism (almost unchanged from its original 1902 patent) that will keep them running for years. But when the time comes they're also easy to repair and rebuild — making them a workhorse in many machine shops and woodworking shops.

Whether you put it on your mill, lathe, drill press, or any other tool, you're bound to find a Jacobs Chuck wherever high-quality and durable tools are required!

Keep your chuck working after the rebuild, use the right Service Ring 

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