[Video] Ellis Dividing Head - How-to Use an Indexing or Dividing Head

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Precisely dividing a circle into multiple segments can be a challenge for the manual machine shop. The Ellis Dividing Head makes quick work of it. All dividing heads with a 40:1 ratio use the same chart found here 


The dividing head adds many new capabilities to a machine tool like a Bridgeport Mill, or even a drill press if it has a sufficiently large table. With some math and creative setups, the complexity of parts you can make with your conventional mill is significantly expanded.


Jesse Ramsden built one of the first high quality dividing engines in the 1700s to accurately divide circles for marking instruments. We walk through the Ellis Dividing Head, how to use it, and as we cut an external spur gear.

See our blogposts on the Ellis Dividing head and many other Mechanical, Historical and How-To topics here. BTW Free downloadable charts are included

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