Evolvent Design

Using our experience, skills, and machines to give your project motion

We work with you to develop your early-stage prototypes and design for manufacture

High-precision gears for your application – from agriculture to aerospace and everywhere in-between

We've shared our in-house tools for making gears in 2D & 3D, and inspecting finished gears with standard tools

Our quarterly course covers everything you need to get started making gears and using them in your projects. Gear Hobbing, Shaping, Milling and more ...

A Leroy stencil set used to trace out the word 'Evolvent'

Design With Us

Our shop combines analysis and practicality by developing mock-ups and prototypes in tandem with engineering and research.

No matter the stage of your project (from napkin sketch to first articles), we bring technical skills and a knack for fast-paced prototyping to reach better solutions, quicker

Precision Gears & Machining

We use precision equipment to deliver high quality parts that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

From our CNC mill and lathe to gear hobbing and grinding, we'll bring a professional touch to your project's degrees of freedom

A gear being made on a Pfauter gear hobber, with coolant oil

Learn and DIY

We've shared our in-house tools to help others design, inspect, and make their own gears. From our gear calculators to 3D gear generators, we aim to make gear production easier.

We also offer Gears for Makers, a comprehensive one-day course to cover the history, math, and techniques to get you making gears in your own shop

Member of AGMA – American Gear Manufacturer's Association