Gear Machine SETUP Change Gears/Feeds-Speeds/PRIMES

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"There are not many of those guys left"

Pfauter, Fellows, Barber-Coleman, Mikron, Gleason, Russian 5E32, Almhults Bruk KF2,  Stanko, Modul and more....  We have used all of these machines and can setup to make full use of their capabilities.  From Change Gears, Reversing Gears, Hob Starts, Differentials, Differential Change Gearing, Hob Head Gearing, ...

Hobbing machines can all typically make Spur, Worm, Sprocket, Ratchet, Spline, Serration, Roller Chain, and many-many different Timing Belt forms.

Equipped with a differential drive train they can also make helical gears.

Equipped without a differfential, but with some math, they can also make (a slightly limited set of ) helical gears.

Gear Ratio Calculation

Prime Gears and Large Tooth Count Gears

Need a large tooth count prime?  Not in your owners manual.  We can calculate the change gears/feed gears/differential gears to make it work.

We Setup Machines to MAKE GEARS - Here is what we need

1) Machine Manufacturer/Model Number/Year Built

2) List of all the change gears you own for the index train, differential train, and feed train

3) Any known modifications to the machine

4) If possible, an owners manual

5) Have your machine under power and be in a well lit area of your shop.

6) Your shop needs good cell phone reception/WiFi so that we can get clear images of the machine from photos and also from FaceTime.

Send an email with your information to and we'll get back to you with an appointment date.

Initial Consultation

This is for a one-hour phone consultation, plus the time for us to review the documents you provide.

A-Machine Constant Review

B-Indexing, Differential and Feed mechanism review

C-Change Gear Inventory and calculations for a test cut