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Jacobs Super Chuck Press Ring - Digital Download

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Damage Free Repair
Improper removal and assembly of your Jacobs Super Chuck can permanently damage the sleeve and other components. Service Rings are engineered to perfectly match the bevels on your chuck, allowing for damage-free removal and installation - increasing the life of your chuck. These DIY service rings kits have all the instructions and supportive materials you need to machine the perfect tool for your chuck. In a hurry or don't want to make one? We offer machined 6061 aluminum Service Rings as well.

The Perfect Fit
Each Jacobs Super Chuck has a different size and product specifications, making it difficult to service multiple chucks with the same service ring. The double-sided service ring is designed to specifically match the contours on a given Jacobs Chuck, giving you the perfect fit for the chuck in your shop. Sizes are available for all chucks 8.5N, 11N, 14N, 16N, 18N, and 20N. The 11N Service Ring is also compatible with Jacobs 6A-33 Chucks.

With IDs ranging from just over 1" to 2.5" and ODs ranging from ~1.5 to over 3.5", this is a versatile addition to your press and will make work-holding easier.

Built to Last
While machining is up to you, these service rings are designed to last for repeated use. Jacobs Super Chucks are designed to last generations with the proper care and maintenance, and the right service ring will last just as long. 

Note: The Super Chuck is not included in the purchase of a Service Ring.


"I made the ring for a 14N, and in about two hrs I had repaired a 14n chuck - The tool works perfect i'm going to order prints for the other rings. I have a collection of super chucks up to and including the 20n"

- Larry S
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