Gears for Makers | Onsite & Hands-On
Gears for Makers | Onsite & Hands-On

Gears for Makers | Onsite & Hands-On

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Get ready to roll up your sleeves and make a gear!

Course Fundamentals
This course will cover all of the essentials on how to make a gear: covering blueprints, blanks, machining, and inspection. As an introductory course, we'll start from the ground-level basics on how to calculate material sizes, loading and operating Pfauter gear hobbers, and then measure and inspect our finished gears.

Real Hands-on Machining 
We prioritize getting out of the classroom and spending time working on the actual machine to make an actual gear. Our shop, located in sunny Ventura, CA, has four Pfauter RS00 gear hobbers lined up and ready for training. We've had decades of experience making gears on these machines and by the end of this course, you can do the same. 

Manual & CNC Machines
Whether your shop uses CNC or manual machines, the operating principles are the same. We'll cover the fundamentals of change gears, cutting feeds and speeds, and proper setups to ensure in-spec, concentric gears your customers will be proud to receive.

Experience Transfer
We've taken our years of experience in working with gears to cover basic and complex topics from nomenclature and design, to hobbing and shaping, and small-scale manufacturing. Each participant will receive a reference packet, access to our suite of online tools, and certificate of completion.

Course Logistics
Date:   See Drop-Down at Top of Page
Time: 9am-2pm (Lunch and coffee provided!)
Location:    Evolvent Design machine shop in Ventura, CA