Galactic Clock on Wall-Blue
Galactic Clock on Wall-Blue
Galactic Clock Assembled Blue
Clock Dial Closeup showing reflective spiral surface
Galactic Clock Exploded View
MADE in USE (Hand drafted by Evolvent)

Overall Diameter: 11 inches (280mm)
Overall Thickness: 3 inches (76mm), 4.2 inches (107mm) with wall hanger

Galactic Clock Kit


The Galactic Clock Kit has everything you need for your own customizable, programmable, LED-backlit clock. Each element has been designed for tinkering and changing to fit your style, but also look great right from the start. The front Spiral Galactic Dial has been machined from aluminum with 60 holes to let out a glow of light (and keep track of the hours and minutes!).

Out of the box, programmable LEDs ofter a subtle natural white backlighting, yet can give a rainbow of color changing combinations. The electronics and hardware are included, assembled and installed so you can light up the clock as soon as when you plug it in.

What's Included:
- Clock Dial - the large aluminum face of the clock
- Brass Hardware - to mark the hours
- Quartz Clock Movement with Hands (Made in USA)
- Swiss Board - for mounting internal electronics
- Trinket & Jewel (Microcontroller and RGB LEDs)
- BackBoard
- Translucent Shroud with stainless steel spring for radiant glow
- 10' power cable and USB wall plug
- Assembly Hardware
- Hanging Hardware
- 1-AA Battery
- Sharpie

The Galactic Clock Kit

All can appreciate a good clock, and this one is good looking, fun and educational with many STEAM elements. Clear off the kitchen table or garage workbench, and get ready for mechanical, and electrical assemblies, generous surface areas waiting for your artistic touch, and a little microcontroller inside to program.

No fear, the programming comes down to simply editing a file. It is about as simple as it can get.

Spiral Galactic Clock Face

Machined from corrosion-resistant aluminum, the front dial features a galaxy-inspired swirl pattern, as well as 60 holes to mark the hours and minutes as you see fit. The dial measures in at 11" (280mm) in diameter and .25" (6mm) thick.

The 60 holes, on a 9" circular pattern, allow for brass hardware to mark the hours, and diffuse light from the LEDs to shine through.

The surface finish on the back of the dial (normally unseen) is left as-received in case you want to switch it around and change-up the look of your clock to something more industrial.

Swiss Board, Trinket, and Jewel

The Adafruit Trinket MO is the (computational) star of the show! The board is compact, easy to program and a perfect match for the accompanying Adafruit Jewel LED light board. Through holes in the front dial, and the translucent shroud on the side, you can make a fitting light show!

Both live on the Swiss Board (6"x6"x0.25"), an internal mounting surface with plenty of room for expansion. The Swiss Board features 62 holes for the existing electronics, as well as any switches or upgrades you want to make.

The lights work straight out of the box when connected to power, but just plug in the micro-USB to your computer and you can edit the color, intensity, and brightness of each of the seven LEDs. The board pops up as a hard drive on your Windows or Mac device, and can be programmed by editing the included text file ( with the text editor of your choice. We recommend Mu Editor to keep things simple, and CircuitPython is already installed on the microcontroller with no complicated linking or compiling.


The Trinket ships with CircuitPython already installed and ready to go. A variant of the popular programming language, Python, CircuitPython is specifically built for small electronic circuits projects. While any text editor may work, we recommend the free program Mu Editor, which is available to download, and features built-in compatibility with CircuitPython devices.

The beginner will appreciate the ease of use. The seasoned programmer will enjoy the frugal and effective language that fits on a modern microcontroller.

Mu Editor (for Windows, macOS, and Linux)

We embarked on this project for one main reason, so much of today's technology has been built upon the work of many known and unknown makers and tinkerers, and the clockmaking trade is one of the oldest. We wanted to add many different mechanical and electrical elements together into one product to get the brain ticking, and the hands making.

Build the kit with family or friends to spread the knowledge and fun!

Make It Yours

The Rainbow of possible colors.
...WAIT FOR IT....

Drawing Contours on the Shroud

Design, cut, and transform your outer shroud for different displays

Change the programming for the color you want, mark on the shroud to obtain your "look".

Change dial hardware to match your design

Every book has a last chapter, and it should always indicate the story is not over.
Although not included in this product, here are some creative upgrades to the microcontroller